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eRegistration frequently asked questions

General eRegistration questions

Problems with eRegistration

Username, password & CougarTrack questions

General eRegistration questions

What does it mean if I am timed out?

For your security you will automatically be logged out of the screens that interface with your academic records after a period of inactivity. The message you will receive is "For your security, you have been timed out. If you would like to access your accounts again, please log in again."

I am having trouble; who should I contact?

You should contact the appropriate office depending upon your problem. Some frequently called numbers would be 800/231-2391 at the following extensions:

  • Student Financial Services - ext. 7252 for questions regarding payment issues
  • Registration Office - ext. 7526 for questions concerning registration, grades, class schedules, etc.
  • Evaluations and Transcripts - ext. 7658 for questions concerning transcripts or transcript request status
  • Help Desk - ext. 7369 for help with login activation and password or User ID issues, or see the CougarTrack FAQ page.

Where do I get my books?

Check with your particular campus as to how to get your books.
For the Online Campus go to and click on Online Campus, Current students, and then MBS Online Bookstore.

What is the difference between Express registration, Search and register for sections and Register for previously selected sections?

  • Use the Express Registration screen if you know the exact course name, number and section for which you wish to register. You will not be able to use this screen to register for variable credit courses.
  • Use the Search and Register for Classes when you wish to search for classes in which to register. You may search by specified criteria to narrow your search. You will also be able to see course availability in this section. Please be sure to enter the appropriate term and/or location.
  • Both methods will add the selected sections to your preferred sections screen where you will actually submit your enrollment. Return to this screen by clicking on Register for previously selected sections.

What is the difference between "Added" and "Registered" in the Status column?

You will have a status of registered when you register prior to the first day of classes. The status will show added if you register during the add period (normally the first week of classes.)

What is the difference between Register for Sections, and Drop Sections on the menu screen?

  • Register for Sections - use this link to add to classes to your preferred section list.
  • Drop Sections - use this screen to drop classes through the end of the drop period.

What do I put in the "Synonym" column on the Express Registration screen?

Leave this column blank; synonym is used for administrative purposes only.

What if I want to see what courses are available at a specific campus?

Use the Search and Register link and choose from both the Term and Location drop-down menus.

Can I register for any course through CougarTrack?

If you wish to register for Directed Studies, Art Topics courses, Courses of One, Internships, EDUC 508 (if you have taken it before) or any course requiring paperwork, you must register in person.

Problems with eRegistration

What do I do when I get a failure message?

There are a number of different types of failure messages - some of them may have to do with the course section for which you are attempting to register and some of them may apply to who you are; others may be completion rules which would keep you from completing the registration process. Some failure messages are intuitive and some will even tell you which office to contact. If you do not understand your failure message or do not know who to contact, make a note of the message and contact the Registration Office at 800/231-2391 extension 7526 or 573/875-7526.

Variable credit course error message:

I get the following message when trying to register through Express Registration, "Course Name is a variable credit course. You cannot register for this using Express Registration. Register for variable credit courses using Search and Register for Sections."

This course can be taken for a variable amount of credit; you must use the Search and Register link to register for variable credit courses so that you can enter the correct amount of credits.

Overload/petition error message:

I received the following message when I tried to register: "Registration in Course Name puts student in overload. Petition is required." What is a petition?

A petition is an approval from an appropriate individual to approve an exception to a policy, in this case, the overload policy. See the Columbia College catalog for the overload policy and contact your campus for appropriate permission.

Need instructor's signature message:

I received a "failed" message stating that "Student requires instructor's signature to register." I have my instructor's permission to take this class; why can't I register?

Certain Columbia College courses are set up to require permission from the instructor prior to registration. This permission must be entered into the College database before you will be allowed to register. Contact your instructor to have the permission entered.

Student Affairs/withdrawal error message:

I tried to drop all my classes and received the following message:

  1. Schedule changes have NOT been made
  2. Your registration cannot be completed for the following reason(s)
  3. To withdraw from the college see Student Affairs
What does this mean?

If you are a Day Campus student you cannot completely withdraw from the college online. You must out-process through Student Affairs. If you are not a Day Campus student, contact the Registration Office.

Academic level message:

When trying to register for an undergraduate class I received a message that said my academic level doesn't match the course. What doe s that mean? Can I still take the course?

If you have been admitted for a graduate level program you may still take an undergraduate course even though it doesn't match your academic level. This is just a warning message although you should ensure that the status says "registered."

Payment arrangements message:

I registered for courses through eRegistration and was told that in order to complete the enrollment process I must make payment arrangements.

Unless you have full financial aid or are paid in full, you must set up a payment plan at the time of registration. If you see the message that states, “To complete the enrollment process you must make payment arrangements” you do not have enough financial aid to cover your expenses and you MUST set up a payment plan. If you do not do this your registration will not be saved. Click on the ePayment link to proceed.

I have full financial aid but I still get the message that states that I must make payment arrangements and/or my aid is not included in the payment plan.

    • Some financial aid, especially institutional aid, is available only when a student is registered full time. Other types of aid, such as a Pell Grant, are prorated based on ½ time, ¾ time or full time. If total registered hours are less than full time, the aid will not be computed, or may be computed at a lower amount. Full time status for 8 and 16 weeks terms requires enrollment in at least 6 and 12 credit hours respectively.
    • Day students with institutional aid who wish to register part time initially, will be required to set up a payment plan for their part time enrollment until they register full time.
    • Financial aid that is included in a payment plan will automatically adjust as your enrollment or financial aid change. For example, if you have a Pell Grant and register for 3 credit hours in an 8 week session. Only half of the Pell Grant will be included in your payment plan. If you add another 3 credit hours, for a total of 6 hours, the Pell Grant included in your plan will automatically be figured for full time status.
  1. Only financial aid that has been awarded will be included in a payment plan. Aid that is estimated or pending will not be included.

I received an eRegistration failure message stating that I was not registered.

Unless you have enough financial aid to cover your entire balance, or you pay in full, you are required to set up a payment plan to complete the registration process. Making a partial payment without completing a payment plan does not complete your registration (you are not registered.)

If you do not want to set up a payment plan, you must pay your account balance in full.

I tried to drop/withdraw from my class and received a message that stated this option isn't currently available.

You may drop classes in CougarTrack by selecting the Registration link under the heading Academics and clicking the clink for the Register and Drop Sections. The drop period normally ends on the first business day of the 2nd week of classes. After the drop period has ended you may submit a Course Withdrawal Form through the sixth week of class. The Course Withdrawal form is located in CougarTrack under the heading Academics, then select the Registration link, and click on Course Withdrawal Form. Course Withdrawal Forms are processed manually by a campus staff member during regular business hours.


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