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Military transfer

Columbia College
performs one precursory credit review for each prospective student who is looking for the right institution to meet their needs.
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Columbia College awards credit for military training and experience based on American Council on Education (ACE) credit recommendations.

There is no limit to the number of credits Columbia College will award; however, a maximum of 60 non-traditional credits can be applied to each degree program.

Military credit evaluation

Military equivalencies

Military equivalencies are determined using ACE credit recommendations, which are then compared to the SOC DNS Credit Supplement. The credit supplement recommends a SOC DNS code for equivalent courses. Find our equivalencies in the Transfer Equivalency Portal under American Council on Education.

Military experience (ME) credit

In addition to training and experience found on the JST and CCAF transcript, Columbia College awards additional credit just for "strapping on the boots." This Military Experience (ME) credit is given based on the student's length of service and rank.

Enlisted Warrant Officer Commissioned Officer
Less than 1 yr. of service:
4 hours lower-level general elective (ELEC-144)
8 hours lower-level general elective credit (ELEC-144) AND
8 hours upper-level general elective credit (ELEC-444)

        TOTAL: 16 hours
8 hours lower-level general elective credit (ELEC-144) AND
12 hours upper-level general elective credit (ELEC-444)

         TOTAL: 20 hours
At least 1 yr. of service:
8 hours lower-level general elective (ELEC-144)

Degree mapping programs

Columbia College participates in degree mapping programs for all five branches of service. For more information, visit our Military Programs page. 



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