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Receiving Services and Documentation Guidelines

Receiving Services

To register with the coordinator for Disability Services, the student must:

  • Apply and be accepted for admission to Columbia College.
  • Self-identify with the coordinator for Disability Services for an intake appointment.
  • Provide current and comprehensive documentation from a qualified professional that includes a diagnosed disability requiring academic adjustments and accommodations.

Students who wish to request accommodations must be accepted for admission to Columbia College before registering with the coordinator for Disability Services.

Documentation Guidelines:

The policy for documentation is divided into three tiers. 

  • The student’s self-report to the coordinator during the Student Intake Interview.
  • Information shared from professors, counselors, parents, and others may be taken into account as well as the observations of the coordinator.
  • External documentation from the professional diagnosing the disability.

This documentation ideally should:

1. Identify the condition causing disability or disabilities.

2. Describe the functional limitations it causes.

3. Include any relevant history of the student’s experiences with the disability, including treatment.

4. Provide relevant test data—and names of instruments, if applicable.

A list of specific accommodations requested (which should include a rationale connecting them to the disability) is welcome but not required.

Through a deliberative and collaborative process along with professional judgment by the Coordinator, effective accommodations will be granted providing the student equal access based on their disability and will be determined on an individual case by case basis.


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