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Coast Guard Spouse Grant

Coast Guard Spouse Grant

Effective with the January 2011 session, the Coast Guard Spouse Grant was changed to match the newly revised DoD MyCAA program.

Calling all spouses of Coast Guard service members

A funding resource for military spouses attending Columbia College
Could you use up to $4,000 in additional financial assistance to help pay for your advanced education? Through Columbia College’s Coast Guard Spouse Grant, spouses of active duty Coast Guard and Coast Guard Reserve members, E1-E5, CWO2 and O1-O2, can receive a 50% tuition discount for online and on-campus courses.  

Grant Specifics

  • On-campus and/or online classes toward associate degrees or business certificate programs
  • Maximum amount of grant is $4,000, cap of $2,000 per fiscal year
  • Program of study must be completed in three (3) years from the start of the first course
  • Spouse must be degree-seeking and fully admitted to Columbia College
  • USCG spouses who are in the USCG themselves are not eligible
  • Scholarship applies towards tuition only. No other Columbia College discounts can be combined with this program, including the Military Spouse Tuition Grant.

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