Anthropology Minor Requirements: Columbia College
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Anthropology Minor


Minor Requirements

Eighteen hours from the following courses:

A. Required Courses (12 semester hours):
ANTH/GEOG 101 Introduction to Geography 3 hrs
ANTH/SOCI 112 General Anthropology 3 hrs
ANTH 212 Cultural Anthropology 3 hrs
ANTH/PSYC/SOCI 327 Qualitative Research Methods 3 hrs

B. Electives (Six semester hours from the following):
ANTH/HIST 319 History and Democracy in the Modern Middle East 3 hrs
ANTH/SOCI 270 Minority Cultures and Relations 3 hrs
ANTH/SOCI/WMST Global Perspectives on Women and Development 3 hrs
ANTH/SOCI 341 Sociology and Anthropology of Religion 3 hrs
ANTH/SOCI 412 Slavery and Human Trafficking: Past and Present 3 hrs


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