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Current green initiatives

Ground-Source-Water Heating and Air-Conditioning System

What we’ doing now - Saving energy

This is a big energy-saver for the college and quite pioneering in the early '90s, when Columbia College first began using ths system. Bob Hutton, executive director of administrative services and the man most responsible for transforming Missouri Hall into a gleaming showcase and the dusty, cluttered basement of St. Clair Hall into new offices, said the ground source for the heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) system that heats and cools about 70 percent of campus buildings is more energy-efficient than conventional systems. Hutton estimates the college's energy bills are about 15% less than if using other, more standard, systems.

What we’ doing now - Efficient lighting

Lighting Retrofitting

Remodeling such as the ongoing St. Clair Hall push offers many opportunities, not least of which is installing more energy-efficient lighting. The college will also retrofit several buildings in the near future with new lighting for purely efficiency reasons. We have also implemented a program of replacing incandescent lights with more efficient fluorescent lights.