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Go fro Greener with Columbia College

You already Go for Greater. This is the place where you can Go for Greener!

Many talk the green talk. Few walk the walk. At Columbia College, going green isn’t just hype. With expansive campus recycling initiatives, energy efficient buildings and even discouraging food waste, Columbia College is committed to reducing its footprint.

But these initiatives aren’t just about saving energy and money, and reducing our environmental footprint. It’s about making our campus a livable, sustainable place today and for future generations of Cougars. 

Visit often to learn how you can help keep campus green and ecofriendly!


What is TerraCycle?

What is TerraCycling?

Front of TerraCycle HeadquartersTerraCycle is an international recycling company that collects difficult to recycle products and packaging and reuses them to create innovative and affordable products. The company is widely considered the world's leader in collecting and re-purposing non-recyclable, post-consumer waste.

 The Columbia College Relay for Life team has coupled with TerraCycle to collect items on campus and raise money for the American Cancer Society.

For a full explanation of TerraCycle and items accepted at Columbia College, visit the Current Green Initiatives page!

Can I recycle a pizza box?

Can I recycle a pizza box?

Pizza boxes


No! Many people think that pizza boxes are easily recyclable  because cardboard is, in fact, recyclable. However, it is the hot, greasy, and delicious treat inside the pizza box that makes these items non-recyclable. That is, the grease and cheese from the pizza soak the box, making it difficult to recycle.

 Pizza boxes are recyclable if the portions stained with grease are removed. Make sure to also remove any adhesives that may be on the box (coupons, stickers, etc) as those are contaminants.

What's a #5 recyclable plastic?

What's a #5 recyclable plastic?

Have you ever noticed a strange symbol with a number in the middle on the bottom of your plastic water bottle? If so, you probably just saw the recycling code! Recycling codes are used primarily to identify what the item is made from, which helps to facilitate easier recycling and reprocessing.

Number Five recyclable plastic contains Polypropylene and is primarily used in bumpers, car interior trim, industrial fibers, and carry-out beverage cups.

Many people believe that #5 plastic is not recyclable; however, in most venues, it is! For more information on recycling different types of plastic, check out the Current Green Initiatives page!