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Welcome to the Columbia College Office of Institutional Research Website

This website provides information regarding the services we provide and general data about Columbia College.

Institutional Research Mission

The mission of the Institutional Research office is to provide and coordinate consistent, accurate responses to a wide range of external and internal requests for Columbia College information.

For more infomation about these reports, please contact the Office of Institutional Research 

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OIR Quick Fact

  • Institutional Research responds to approximately 90 surveys from government agencies and other external organizations each year.
  • For the Office of Institutional Research Fact Sheet, please visit the General Info page.



What's New?

  • Many of your information needs are now served by the Webfocus Business Intelligence portals.  Please check them out at
  • For Majors Minors information, please see the Webfocus Academic Program portal-Student Programs
  • The General Information Portal provides information on terms, locations, and programs.  Please visit it at

      Last Updated: 04/07/2015