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Military Spouses

Military spouse

Columbia College is a military-friendly school; this attribute applies to the military spouse as well as the service member. With low tuition rates, SOC DNS membership, the convenience of mixing in-seat and online courses, and accelerated eight-week sessions, Columbia College is a perfect fit for the mobile and dynamic environment associated with military life.

Flexible scheduling

Columbia College operates more than 30 campuses around the country and an online program which offers 23 associate, bachelor's or master's degree programs. All campuses offer courses in the evening and/or on the weekend with eight-week sessions five times a year. Some campuses offer courses once per week for five hours per course; other campuses offer courses twice per week for 2.5 hours per course. Course schedules and degree programs vary by campus. Visit your local campus website for details.

If the military takes you to a location without a Columbia College in-seat program, the transition to the online program is seamless and ensures that you can continue your education on schedule, at your convenience. And Columbia College understands that sometimes, situations come up in which a service member or spouse must take a break from their educational goals for a session or two.

Federal Spouse Assistance