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Psychology Major

Dr Hardy teaching student to interpret correlation data - Columbia College Psychology

Psychology seeks to observe, describe, understand, predict and control behavior and psychological processes in individuals.

You will study topical areas such as:

  • human development
  • personality theory
  • neuroscience
  • learning
  • memory and cognition
  • emotion
  • sensation and perception
  • relationships
  • abnormal behavior
  • and psychotherapy

Employment or Specialization

An applied program is available to those who plan to seek employment immediately after graduation while an academic studies program is available for those who want to continue at the graduate school level in either practical or experimental specializations.

Practical Specializations:

  • Clinical
  • School
  • Counseling

Experimental Specializations:

  • Neuroscience
  • Developmental
  • Social
  • Cognitive


Courses Offered


Because the scientific knowledge of behavior and psychological processes are important to all fields of study, persons majoring in areas other than psychology should enroll in selected courses of interest. For the same reason, choosing psychology as a minor also is encouraged.