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Graduate Holding Diploma

Graduating students should submit their Declaration of Candidacy of Degree forms at least two sessions prior to the date of the ceremony they plan to attend. Contact your academic advisor if you have any questions or need assistance. Students who have met the necessary requirements are eligible to participate in the NS Everett/Marysville campus commencement ceremony. Requirements to graduate from Columbia College are the same for both main and AHE campuses:

Cumulative GPA in all Columbia College courses 2.0
Residency credit hours for associate degree 15 of last 24*
Residency credit hours for baccalaureate degree 24 of last 36*
Residency credit hours for master's degree 27 of 36
Complete Declaration of Degree Candidacy  
Pay the graduation fee  

* Active-duty military or dependents can meet residency requirements at any time. It is possible that students may not have met all graduation requirements at the time of the commencement ceremony. To allow students in this situation to participate in the upcoming ceremony, the following guidelines have been established:

  1. If the student can meet the established residency requirements within the current session and the next two sessions (assuming a maximum of six credit hours per session), the student can participate. The current session is the term in session on the date of the commencement ceremony. If the ceremony is between sessions, the current session is the just-completed session.
  2. If the student can realistically meet the established GPA requirement within the next two sessions with the remaining courses needed to graduate, the student may participate.
  3. If the student can meet the established credit hour requirements for their specific degree (associate – 60; baccalaureate – 120; master's – 36) within the next two sessions, the student may participate.

Any request for an exception to this policy must be submitted to the campus director. The exception must be presented to the director of special projects no later than three weeks prior to the commencement ceremony. The exception must identify the guideline being excepted and the justification for the exception.

Since many of the students participating under these guidelines will also receive Latin Honors upon completion of their degree requirements, students may receive their Latin Honors recognition during the ceremony if the following requirements are met:

  1. Their current Columbia College cumulative GPA warrants Latin Honors.
  2. The student will meet the baccalaureate residency and degree credit hour requirements within the next two sessions.

These guidelines are established in the best interests of the student with the good faith understanding that the student will complete his/her degree and Latin Honors requirements within the upcoming sessions. The final degree awarded, and any honors, will be based on actual completion of the requirements.

If you have any questions, please contact Mike Sarchet at (425) 304-4480 or Patti Samsel at (425) 304-4485.